Water Reducing Agent


Water Reducer

Kemox Water Reducing Admixture is an advanced chemical admixture that significantly reduces the water content in concrete mixes without affecting workability.

Kemox Water Reducing Admixtures change the surface tension of the water in the concrete mix, helping to better disperse the cement particles. Using Kemox water reducers improves the strength and durability of concrete mixes while maintaining ease of placement. It is compatible with a wide range of cement types and is particularly effective in applications such as high-rise buildings, bridges and tunnels where high fluidity and strength are required.

Functions & Specifications

Improved concrete quality
Increases the compressive and flexural strength of concrete, extending the service life of the structure.
Enhanced workability
Easier mixing and placing of concrete, even with lower water content.
Environmentally friendly
Reduced water consumption and optimized mix design contribute to sustainable construction goals.
Reduces the overall cost of concrete production by reducing the amount of cement used.

ChemicalComposition Proprietary blend of advanced polymers and surfactants
pH Level7 – 9
Dosage0.2% – 0.5% by weight of cement
Shelf Life1 year when stored properly
CompatibilitySuitable for all types of Portland cement
Packaging25kg bags (Custom packaging options available)

Water Reducer​ Asked Questions​

By reducing the water demand in concrete mixes, Kemox’s Water Reducing Agent allows for higher compressive and flexural strengths.

Yes, Kemox’s Water Reducing Agent is designed to perform well in a wide range of temperatures, including hot weather conditions.

No, Kemox’s Water Reducing Agent does not significantly impact the setting time of concrete when used at recommended dosages.

Yes, Kemox’s Water Reducing Agent is compatible with most other admixtures, such as air-entraining agents, retarders, and accelerators.

By reducing water demand and optimizing mix designs, Kemox’s Water Reducing Agent helps minimize cement consumption, material waste, and transportation costs.

Kemox’s Water Reducing Agent should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. 

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