Wall Putty & Skim Coat


Wall Putty & Skim Coat

Kemox has several grade products suitable for addition to cement-based putty, ranging from low to high viscosity. HPMC: KP75K/KP100K are all good fit to cement-based putty.

The cellulose products of Kemox stand proudly in the industry because of their excellent water retention. The higher the viscosity of the cellulose products, the better the water retention. Of course, if the local construction environment is relatively humid, choosing cellulose products with relatively low viscosity is necessary.


Why Chose Kemox™ Cellulose

Wall Putty & Skim Coat Description

Wall putty, also known as putty, is a decorative and functional smoothing material used in the construction of interior and exterior walls. It is used to hide or remove imperfections or defects from the surface of the wall substrate to give it a smooth appearance.

Specifically, it is influenced by the application environment, construction requirements, local environment and other factors. A good putty powder with cellulose product will become very silky smooth, like ice cream. The construction needs to be scraped in thin layers, not more than 1 mm thick. Otherwise, the layer will break. As cement is a water-hard material, it has high requirements for water retention. If sufficient water supply is not maintained during the construction period, the cement will dry out quickly and the construction cannot continue.

Wall putty/Skim coat is one of the largest application areas for our Kemox cellulose products: HPMC, HEC and MHEC. We have developed different grades with various properties to meet all our customers’ needs. We also offer tail formulations to provide you with the most suitable products for specific raw materials and special local requirements.

Product application characteristics

Enhances the adhesion of putty to various substrates

Kemox polymer powder has a good thickening effect and enhances the consistency and bond strength of wall putty, with the right amount added to give better adhesion properties.

Improves putty consistency and stability

Kemox is an important key to adjusting the proper consistency of fresh mortar. The right consistency allows the fresh plaster to adhere well to the wall and gives a smooth surface and easy application without a sticky feeling.

Gives good compatibility with putty

Kemox has good leveling and low viscosity, allowing easy application of wall putty/finish, easy handling, and application, which can significantly improve construction efficiency.

Improves hydrophobicity

The addition of Kemox improves the hydrophobicity of the wall putty/finish layer and significantly increases the waterproofing effect.

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