Kemox cellulose ether products are used in self-leveling compounds to enhance their processing and final product performance. We also offer custom formulations to meet your specific industrial needs.

Self-Leveling is a type of flooring material used in the construction industry. It is a cement-based material that is designed to self-level, meaning that it can be poured onto a surface and will level itself out without the need for additional smoothing or leveling.


Why Chose Kemox™ Cellulose

Self-Leveling Description

Self-leveling compounds are chemical mixtures used to smooth uneven concrete or wood floors. They consist of cement, sand, and fillers modified by a range of additives such as cellulose ethers, plasticizers, defoamers, stabilizers, and redispersible powders. As a flowable, self-leveling and self-smoothing material, self-leveling compounds produce a flat, smooth, hard surface with excellent compressive strength.

Product application characteristics

Improved Workability

Kemox’s HPMC and HEMC products can improve the workability of Self-Leveling by enhancing the adhesion and water retention properties of the material. This can make it easier to apply and spread the Self-Leveling, resulting in a smoother and more uniform finish.

Increased Strength

Kemox’s HPMC, HEMC, and RDP products can improve the strength and durability of Self-Leveling. This can help to prevent cracking and other forms of damage, ensuring that the Self-Leveling lasts for longer periods of time.

Faster Drying Time

Kemox’s RDP products can improve the drying time of Self-Leveling, allowing it to dry faster and reducing the overall project timeline. This can be particularly beneficial in situations where a fast turnaround time is required.

Improved Flow and Self-Leveling Properties

Kemox’s HEC and RDP products can improve the flow and self-leveling properties of Self-Leveling, ensuring that it levels out evenly and smoothly across the surface. This can help to achieve a more uniform finish and improve the overall appearance of the flooring.

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