Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether



Kemox HPS can improve the performance of dry mortar based on cement and gypsum, such as the workability, slip resistance and thickening. Starch ether should be used in combination with cellulose ether. It can change the workability of the mortar, enhance the adhesion, and reinforce each other after the cellulose is compounded.

Hydroxypropyl starch ether (HPS) is made from natural corn starch, a white and water soluble fine powder, by the process of modifying, etherification reaction, spraying and drying, different from the common starch or modified starch.

Functions & Specifications

Soluble in water, forms a transparent and stable solution with water.
Has good thickening and stability performance.
Film-forming ability:
Good film-forming ability for coatings and films.
Compatible with other polymers and can be used in combination with other materials to improve their performance.
Water Retention
Good water retention properties that can help improve the shelf life of cement products.
Has good adhesion properties and can be used as a binder in a variety of applications.

Appearancewhite powder, free-flowing
Solid content≥98.0%
Solubilitycan dissolve in the cold water,
 solution is transparent
Ph Value(2%, 25℃)Alkaline, 8-11.5
Viscosity (5%, 20℃ aqueous solution )500-2000mpa.s
Fineness100mesh, 95% pass
Stability24H does not stratify

HPS Asked Questions

Factors such as temperature, pH, and mixing time can affect the performance of HPS in construction materials, and should be taken into consideration during formulation.

The recommended dosage of HPS in construction materials can vary depending on the specific application and formulation, but is typically between 0.1% to 1.0% by weight of the total mixture.

Yes, HPS can be used in exterior construction applications such as renders and stuccos, where it can provide improved water resistance and durability.

Common quality control tests for HPS include viscosity measurement, moisture content determination, and gel strength analysis.

The concentration of HPS can affect the properties of construction materials, with higher concentrations typically resulting in increased viscosity, improved water retention, and enhanced adhesive properties.

Yes, HPS can be used in gypsum-based construction materials such as joint compounds and skim coats, where it can improve their workability and water retention properties.

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