Tile Adhesive


Tile Adhesive

Kemox's cellulose ether products can ensure the smooth construction of different types of tiles on different base surfaces, even at ambient temperature. In more severe cases, ceramic tile binder can also be given a long enough opening time and adjustable time.

Because of the problem of habit,on construction way,Europe and China have big differ-ence, different. construction habit has different requirement to ceramic tile adhesive. Based on different requirments, kemox HPMC products are devided into a variety of series to keep up with the development of tile glue products. We also offer tailored formulation to best suit your specific raw materials and special local requirements.


Why Chose Kemox™ Cellulose

Tile Adhesive Description

Kemox cellulose ethers (e.g. HPMC, HEMC) and redispersible polymer powder (RDP) are part of tile adhesive formulations and they play an important role in improving product efficiency and performance. Our products are effective in improving product adhesion and cohesion, sag resistance, workability, hydrophobicity and consistency of the final product.

Product application characteristics

Improved sag resistance

Kemox products improve the sag resistance of adhesives. Better sag resistance means that tile adhesives can be applied more effectively to the wall without sagging.

Improved workability

The better leveling and reduced adhesion of kemox products can be easily applied to the adhesive, which facilitates handling and application and significantly improves application efficiency.

Improved adhesion

Kemox products have a good thickening effect, which improves the consistency and bond strength of tile adhesives. Proper addition gives better adhesion properties.

Improves heat and freeze-thaw resistance

The addition of kemox products improves the heat and freeze-thaw resistance of tile adhesives.

Improved water retention

Kemox products significantly reduce the loss of water from the formulation to the absorbent substrate. kemox products’ water retention ability also strongly enhances the adhesion strength of wall tile adhesives.

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