Dry Mix Mortar


Dry Mix Mortar

Dry mix mortar is used in a wide range of applications in construction, including masonry work, plastering, and tile fixing. It provides a consistent quality finish and reduces the need for on-site mixing, making it a more convenient option for construction projects.

The main ingredients in dry mix mortar include cement, sand, and additives such as plasticizers, water-retaining agents, and air-entraining agents. These additives play an essential role in improving the workability, durability, and performance of dry mix mortar.


Why Chose Kemox™ Cellulose

Dry Mix Mortar Description

Dry mix mortar, also known as dry mortar, is a mixture of cement, sand, and other additives that are used to join bricks and blocks in construction. The use of dry mix mortar has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and improved quality. Kemox products are widely used in the production of dry mix mortar due to their excellent properties.

Product application characteristics

Improved workability

Kemox’s HPMC and HEMC products can improve the workability of dry mix mortar by providing better adhesion, reducing segregation, and reducing water demand.

Increased water retention

Kemox’s HEC can increase water retention in dry mix mortar, which helps to prevent cracking and ensures better curing.

Enhanced durability

Kemox’s RDP can improve the durability of dry mix mortar by providing better abrasion resistance, reducing shrinkage, and increasing strength.

Kemox's products can also reduce the environmental impact of dry mix mortar by reducing the amount of waste generated during production and application.

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