What additives are in dry mix mortar?

When it comes to dry mix mortar, many people think of it as a simple mixture of cement, sand and water, but it’s actually much more than that. Modern dry mix mortars have a variety of additive components.

Starch ether
Starch ethers improve the properties of cement and gypsum based dry mix mortars. Starch ether should be used in combination with cellulose ether.

Air-entraining agent
Introduces microbubbles in the mortar by physical action, reduces the density of the mortar, improves the resistance of the mortar to freeze-thaw damage and better workability. In the fat sulfonic acid sodium salt and sodium sulfate salt add proportion is 0.01%-0.06%.

Water-repellent agent
When added to dry mortar, hydrophobic additives form a hydrophobic (water-repellent) surface in the pores of the mortar, which can greatly reduce water absorption.

Setting retaining agent
The desired setting time can be obtained with a setting-preserving agent. It is commonly used in calcium formate, and the proportion added is 0.5%-2.5%.

Retarders slow down the chemical reaction in cement and are mainly used in gypsum plasters and gypsum-based caulks. Mainly fruit acid salts, usually at 0.05%-0.25%.

Hydrophobic agent
Prevents water from penetrating into the mortar while the mortar remains open for water vapour diffusion. Mainly dispersible polymer powders with hydrophobic properties are used, characterized by the fact that they will not be washed out of the mortar by rainwater even after many years, with the advantage of significantly longer service life.

Used to reduce the air content in mortar. Mainly used in inorganic carriers on hydrocarbons, polyethylene glycol and other additives are pigments, thickeners, plasticizers and so on.

Fibers are divided into long and short fibers. Long fibers are mainly used for reinforcement and strengthening; short fibers are used to influence the improvement of mortar properties and water requirements.

Used in self-leveling dry mortars with high requirements.

Thixotropic lubricants
Improve the thixotropy and lubricity of the mortar, prolonging the open time of the construction as well as the anti-sagging properties.



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