Enhancing Cement Mortar with Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether

Understanding Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS)

Before delving into the use of HPS in cement mortars, it’s important to understand what this additive is.HPS is a modified starch derivative specifically designed to improve the performance of a variety of building materials, including cement mortars.HPS is derived from a natural starch, usually corn or potato starch. Through a series of chemical processes, hydroxypropyl groups are introduced into the starch molecule. These hydroxypropyl groups have unique properties that make HPS an exceptional additive for cement mortars.

The Role of Kemox HPS in Cement Mortar

Improving workability

Workability is a key factor in the application of cement mortars and Kemox HPS acts as a water reducer and rheology modifier to improve the workability of the mortar. This means that mortars are easier to mix, apply and shape, thus reducing the amount of work required during construction.

Water retention

Maintaining sufficient moisture is essential for cement hydration, and Kemox HPS has excellent water retention to prevent rapid water loss from the mortar. The increased hydration time ensures that the cement particles have enough time to react, resulting in a stronger and more durable mortar.

Enhanced adhesion

Kemox HPS helps to improve the adhesion properties of cement mortars. It enhances the bond between the mortar and a variety of substrates, including brick, stone and concrete surfaces. This enhanced adhesion is especially important in applications where bonding is critical, such as tile installation and plastering.

Shrinkage reduction

Shrinkage can be a concern in cementitious mortar applications, leading to cracking and reduced durability, Kemox HPS reduces shrinkage by controlling the rate of evaporation of water from the mortar. This controlled drying process minimizes the risk of cracking and ensures a stronger final structure.

Improved durability

The addition of Kemox HPS helps to improve the overall durability of cement mortars. By improving workability, water retention, adhesion and reducing shrinkage, Kemox HPS helps cementitious mortars withstand environmental factors such as freeze-thaw cycles and moisture.


Kemox HPS is a multifunctional additive that can be used in a variety of cement mortar applications such as plastering, rendering, tile adhesives and masonry. Its adaptability makes it an important tool for contractors and builders to use in different projects.

Application of Kemox HPS in Cement Mortar

The addition of HPS to cement mortar is a simple process, and it is usually added to the dry mortar mixture at the initial mixing stage. It is usually added to the dry mortar mixture at the initial mixing stage. The amount of HPS used varies depending on the specific requirements of the mortar and the desired properties. A small amount of HPS can greatly improve the performance of the mortar. It is important to note that the compatibility of HPS with other additives and materials should be considered when formulating mortar mixes. Compatibility testing ensures that the mortar achieves the desired performance characteristics.

Selecting the right HPS product

When selecting an HPS product for a cement mortar application, several factors should be considered:

Viscosity Grade

HPS products are available in different viscosity grades, ranging from low to high. The choice of viscosity grade depends on the desired workability and water retention properties of the mortar.


High-purity HPS products are preferred to ensure consistent performance and reduce the risk of impurities affecting mortar performance.


The recommended dosage of HPS may vary depending on the specific product and mortar mix design. The manufacturer’s guidelines must be followed for accurate dosage.


Hydroxypropyl starch ether (HPS) is an important additive in the construction industry, especially in improving the properties of cement mortars. The ability of hydroxypropyl starch ethers to improve workability, water retention, adhesion and durability makes them a versatile choice for a variety of mortar applications. When used properly, HPS can help produce high-quality mortars that meet the requirements of modern construction projects. As construction practices continue to evolve, additives like Kemox HPS play a vital role in meeting builders’ performance expectations and ensuring the longevity of built structures. Whether you are involved in masonry, plastering or tile installation, consider the benefits of using Kemox HPS in your mortar mix to deliver superior results and increased customer satisfaction.



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