China’s redispersible polymer powder brings changes to building materials

It is no surprise that the largest market for redispersible polymer powder (hereinafter referred to as RDP) is in China. Huge resources, advanced technology and specialized manpower have helped China master the art of producing high-quality RDPs. Chinese manufacturers, such as Kemox, have invested heavily in research and development of construction chemicals and are constantly looking for new ways to advance the construction industry.

One big advantage of China’s RDPs over those of other countries is that they are more diverse. If you’re working on a residential project, a commercial complex, or even an infrastructure project, you’ll find the right RDP solution for you from one of China’s many manufacturers. Whether it’s tile adhesives and self-leveling compounds, repair mortars and waterproofing membranes, China’s RDPs can meet your needs.

Chinese manufacturers are able to take advantage of economies of scale, optimize production processes and deliver the results you expect at a more affordable price. Kemox, for example, is able to combine these capabilities with a deep understanding of the needs of the global market, tailoring their products to the different standards and requirements of each location. As a result, Kemox is able to ensure that its RDP meets the standards of every customer in every country.

Kemox’s RDPs will make building structures more durable, sustainable and energy efficient, helping to create a greener future. It is changing the face of architecture one building at a time, and it is building our world one brick at a time!



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